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Music Theory Study

Music Theory
Practice and Review

Why Should I Study Music? Study
How Do I Read Music? Study
Music Develops the Mind Study
Music Should I Study Voice? Study
Notational Dot and Ties
Note Durations
Key Signatures
Notational Measures
Metrical Meters
Odd Metrical Meters
Notational Rests
Notational Staffs and Clefs
Reference - Reading Music
How To Build A Scale
Tutorials - Reading Music
Tutorials - Learn Note Names
Tutorials - Learn Key Signatures
Tutorials - Learn Intervals Intervals
Tutorials - Learn Triads Triads
Tutorials - Learn The Keyboard Keyboard
Tutorials - Ear Training Intervals Interval Ear
Tutorials - Ear Training Scales Scales Ear
Tutorials - Ear Training Chords Chords Ear
Printable Staff Paper Staff Paper

Online Practice Piano
Pressing any of the keys shown in lowercase on your computer's keyboard will play the corresponding key on the piano.

You may even play chords or melodies by pressing the proper keyboard keys.