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Spring Trip

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Good Morning Trip Participants,

This email is to talk about departure day:

About one week from today, we will be on the road to San Antonio!!!!


1. My first suggestion has to do with parking. While I think we live in a really great community, I strongly suggest that you not leave your car in the student parking lot for six days. The best option would be for you to either have someone drop you off or leave a set of keys so that someone can pick your car up later.

2. If you are a chaperone that is driving, I remind you that you cannot park in the student parking lot or in front of the school on the campus side. Both of those areas have restricted parking and your car will have been towed by the time you get home.

3. The only options for leaving a car would be to park on the administration side of Brazoswood Drive but not in the administrative parking lot, which is also restricted.

4. I will be at Brazoswood HS by 4:30am on departure day so that parents who are dropping their kids off before work can be assured that both luggage and medications will be properly stored and checked in. I will open doors on both the front and back part of the gym.

5. Since chaperones are also required to check in all luggage for drug dog inspection, you are more than welcome to drop off your luggage early and then deal with parking and your child.

6. REMEMBER: We are all bound by the same rules that guide the kids. Since chaperones are always in the care of students, no alcohol, vapor products or drugs of any type are allowed. You are always expected to set the standard. Any sign of drug use or impaired behavior will result in our immediate request for assistance from the local police department.

7. Organizational Shirt... Students must have and wear their group shirt for departure on the day of travel. We want them physically wearing their performance shirt when we leave the campus. This makes it easy to spot a student as we depart and insures that we are ready to sing upon arrival. Extra shirts are available for purchase from your teacher.

8. As you enter the gym for luggage storage, the medical check in table will be to your right. Adults will be manning the table. Remember to turn in your medication in a zip lock bag containing the medicine in its original container. The bag must also contain a parent note detailing who the medicine belongs to and when it is to be given. The note should also contain the parent name and contact number. Each package will be placed in a sealed bag that is sorted by your child’s bus assignment. Only the chaperone will have access to the medication and distribute it to your child.

9. Your luggage will be sorted into two piles for either on the bus or under the bus. Please be sure that all items are labeled both inside and out with a name. I suggest that you make your luggage easy to spot. We will easily have over 300 pieces of baggage on this trip.

10. After we finish with the check in process, we will release the chaperones and load crew to begin the process of bus preparation. Quickly following that time we will release the trip participants by grade level for loading and departure. There are no changes to the final lists. Every seat on the bus is taken. Only chaperones can request a single seat.

11. As soon as I get a clear check on the buses, we will depart. My goal is to have wheels rolling by 5:45am so that we can make our first stop on time. Please understand that bus companies and people are both dynamic elements in this departure equation. We will move as quickly as we safely can towards departure. There are things that have to be done before we leave. Please follow all instructions quickly and with the understanding that you may not know all of the moving pieces but I do.

12. The drug dogs are scheduled to inspect every item of traveling luggage. No parents or students will be allowed in the area when the dogs are working. Local school officials and campus police will be onsite for the inspection. If something is found, the police and school principals will be in charge of the next steps. We will not delay departure but that student or adult may not be allowed to travel if they are under investigation. Fair warning to make sure that everything is free of drugs, alcohol and all other banned substances.

13. For students wishing to bring food on the bus. Please remember the rules. No Gum, No Nuts, No ice chests, No Milk products or liquid ice.

14. All teachers will receive notes indicating our travel plan for students. This trip has been fully approved by every level of school administration and BISD administration is always in the communication loop.

15. Finally, if you are doing something creative with transportation (such as coming late or leaving early). It is essential that all of those travels are fully documented in advance. No last minute surprise departures or arrivals will be allowed.

Documentation includes a written hard copy parent request for any transportation change. Remember that parents may ONLY transport their own child. If an adult is transporting another child, a BISD alternate transportation form must accompany the request. This form must be both notarized and approved in advance.

Remember that any parent picking up a child must have a photo ID that matches the names on the request form. Please review the trip outline and be specific about when and where the alteration is requested. Since the students will have luggage concerns and all chaperones must be notified in advance for student safety, please have all documentation turned in to my office by 3:00pm on Tuesday.




Fiesta Texas


Good Morning Trip Members,

This is a quick note to add information about Fiesta Texas and our Hotel.

I am attaching information for your packing and planning at the Water Park.

Remember that the Water Park is included in your Fiesta Texas experience.

You are welcome to enjoy both parks throughout the day.

It is important to remember that you will need a cover up whenever you are in Fiesta Texas. No uncovered swimsuits

Shown below are instructions from the theme park.

Also shown below are the contents of the lanyard you will receive on Saturday.

You will get these items:

1) Admission Ticket

2) Free Photo Coupon

3) Free Drinks Coupon

4) Two meal coupons - Lunch & Dinner

CLICK HERE for WEB PAGE About White Water Bay


To participate in the water park activities, you must wear lined swimsuits.

We don’t allow guests to enter the water areas wearing street clothes, cut-off shorts, denim shorts or athletic clothing.

Because they can damage the rides, we also do not allow swimwear with buttons, snaps, rivets or zippers.

But, don’t worry — if you don’t have appropriate clothing, swimsuits can be purchased at Beach Bum Surf Company store!

Here are more guidelines to help you pick out the best attire for your trip to White Water:

1. Footwear other than aqua socks are not allowed in any attraction.

2. Aqua socks are not permitted on body slides.

3. Swimsuits are only allowed in Six Flags White Water Bay, and must be appropriate for a family environment.

4. Shoes, proper shorts and cover-up attire are all required when returning to the theme park.

Here is an example of how your hotel key card should work. New hotel locks do not have a "key slot". Just wave the card.

It is also a good idea to keep the card away from other cards or magnetic fields.

You will get two keys per room at check-in.




Phone Apps that are helpful...





All travelers will have these maps.

Shown are:

Locations For Chaperones

Locations For First Aid

Locations for Meet Points

RiverWalk Downtown

San Antonio Zoo

Fiesta Texas


Good Afternoon,

The big trip is finally here. We are so proud of each of you. Through your hard work and the supportive efforts of your parents, you are about to go on the trip of a lifetime.

Here are
some instructions:


Brazoswood Choir Orchestra & ROTC Trip

April 26-28, 2019




  1. Arrive between 5:00am to 5:15am (at the latest).
  2. Put name labeled, large stored suitcase in student parking lot near lights.
  3. Nobody gets on the bus.
  4. No ice chests or large items on bus that block passageways.
  5. Bring name labeled Carry-On luggage into performance gym.
  6. Bring a pillow or blanket.
  7. Snacks on bus MUST be in small bags. Mega-Size is not allowed.
  8. Be wise in the food you choose. We all share the same oxygen and the windows do not open. Keep bus clean. Bus company does not allow gum.
  9. BE SURE to bring a real swimsuit and your own towel for waterpark.
  10. NO Wet clothes allowed on bus. Plan ahead to change.
  11. NO educational swimwear or clothing. Cover it up. This is a family trip.
  12. If raining, put large stored suitcases in gym.
  13. In gym, sign in at officer clipboard and get final bus and room list.
  14. All medicine is labeled with a descriptive parent note & in plastic bag
  15. In gym, check in ALL medicine at table located by gym wall.
  16. Be sure you are WEARING your choir / orchestra / ROTC shirt.
  17. You may change AFTER we finish at the college.
  18. Take care of nature business early.
  19. There are restrooms on the bus. Use them sparingly.
  20. Sit down and listen for exit instructions.
  21. Listen for final instructions about loading. Chaperones load first.
  22. Once we load, we leave! Be sure you do not wander or you get left.
  23. Chaperones and/or Drug Dogs may inspect ALL luggage.
  24. Nobody changes buses or rooms. The lists are FINAL.
  25. We will use cell phones and text to communicate. Be sure we have your number. Do not forget to keep phone with you and bring a charger. There are power plugs on the bus and usually USB connections.
  26. The chaperones and directors are here to help you. Communicate often and especially when you do not feel well or have a medical need. We have emergency kits on the bus. Ask and we will give you an answer.
  27. Be sure to request your medicine at the proper time. Help us to help you.
  28. FINALLY, Be happy campers who are on time and respectful of everyone. Sleep when you can and follow instructions completely.
  29. All medication must be checked in.
    1. Each student’s medicine should arrive in an original bottle and contain only enough for the trip.
    2. Each student’s medicine must be in a zip-lock bag with this note:
      1. Owner’s name
      2. A brief description of what the medicine is
      3. When is it to be given and amount
      4. Parent name and emergency number

c. The medicine will be marked and placed in a secure chaperone bag for transportation on their bus. Only the adult chaperone in charge of medication will have access.

30. On the bus – Preparing to leave

  1. Nobody gets two seats.
  2. Chaperones have priority on seating and may ask you to move. Do it.
  3. Nothing is stored in the aisle ways.
  4. A seat is not a storage area for your bags.
  5. NO nut products on the bus. Subject to confiscation.
  6. NO gum on the bus. Subject to confiscation.
  7. NO liquid ice. Use a cold pack.
  8. NO milk products.
  9. No large bags of food. Many small bags are OK
  10. Nobody changes any bus assignment for any reason.
  11. Get settled and listen for instructions.
  12. Expect to get text messages from Mr. Few.
  13. There are trash bags on every seat. Use them.
  14. No bad language or bad music or videos. This is a family trip!


31. Things you need on the bus –

  1. Blanket and pillow. One per customer – No shared blankets.
  2. Layered clothes for either cold or warm. The bus gets cold.
  3. Phone Charger and Phone cord. Every seat has a power plug.
  4. Ear buds for any media or music.
  5. Small snack bags of fun food. No large or messy foods.
  6. We all share the same air. Be careful about smelly food, etc.
  7. We will have a stock of family movies to watch. Nothing questionable will be played. No naked, No cussing, No violence. Keep it all clean and classy whether we play it or you do at your seat.


Other items needed on the bus –

  1. Pack a soft bag that has a change of clothes in case your suitcase is lost.
  2. We will not open your large suitcases until we check in at 4:30pm. Examples of things to pack are:
    1. Conservative swimsuit for the pools and hot tubs.
    2. Plastic bags for the wet garments.
    3. A small bag to put your stuff in. We will not unload the bus until we can get in the rooms. Have something you can take with you and still leave everything else in bus.
    4. Make sure your phone is fully charged or bring a battery.
    5. Remember that adult chaperones are on duty at all times. If they see something questionable, you may be removed from the trip. Be safe, be nice and be awesome representatives of our school.


Checking into the hotel – Actually getting your room

  1. We anticipate the rooms will be ready at 4:30pm
  2. There are two keys per room.
  3. We will text you and tell you that the rooms are ready. Be alert.
  4. The room keys are sorted by the first person in each room alphabetically and also by male/female. Only that person needs to pick up the key packet. Everybody else can begin to unload the bus luggage and head towards your room.
  5. It is our plan to give you a phone app that will tell you in advance exactly what your room number is and also those of your friends.
  6. Take EVERYTHING off the bus and to your room NOW. We only get to unload the luggage once. Do it now.
  7. Absolutely no noise in the hallways. Soft talking and silent walking.
  8. Nobody changes room assignments for any reason.
  9. Absolutely no opposite gender visits in rooms. None. Not ever. If we find you in someone’s room. Both of you are gone. Be smart, think what the trade off is for visiting and leaving the trip. Was it worth it?
  10. Many people will take this opportunity to shower and rest. Let them.
  11. Be sure to set an alarm now. At 7:00pm for our dinner adventure starts in the ballroom.
  12. Upon return to our rooms, we will become absolutely invisible. No sound at all as we travel to your rooms. It is imperative that you are silent and respect the other guests in the hotel. Be magical and just appear in your room for tape in.
  13. Now is NOT the time to visit other people’s rooms or go to purchase a drink or even get ice. Go to your room and stay there.
  14. We will begin room checks immediately. Ladies check the girls and men do the boys. We will give you instructions about the next day. We will answer any questions you have about the next activity.
  15. IMPORTANT – When we close the door, we will tape it. If you open the door or break the tape, the entire room will be sent home. This is the time to be your brother’s and sister’s keepers. Nobody leaves the rooms. Nobody opens the doors until I take the tape off at 6:30am the next morning. Go to sleep.
  16. Be aware – Adult chaperones will walk the halls all night and every night. There is always a chaperone standing somewhere near your door. You will get caught and you will be gone. Doors stay closed. Call me, text me or another chaperone. We will answer you at any hour of the day or night. You will have our numbers and emails in your phone app.
  17. In the morning, you are welcome to walk, eat breakfast or explore. The same visitation rules will always apply.


General knowledge – Things to make happy campers

  1. Be nice in your words and actions. We are trying to help you.
  2. Communicate with the chaperones and me. Text or call me. There are no dumb questions. I will always answer you and help you.
  3. Do not be late. Follow the trip outline and the instructions I give you.
  4. Do not steal. You will arrested and booked at the San Antonio city jail and then they call me. A jail record is a bad trip souvenir.
  5. No alcohol, tobacco, vape, e-cigs or anything else that is forbidden by school conduct policy or the law. The same rules apply to both students and chaperones. We are NEVER off duty and not in constant care of the students. We are ALL bound by BISD policy as well as the trip rules.
  6. Sleep when you can. Plenty of long days with lots of fun. Be rested.
  7. Cups of water are free in the theme parks. Ask for them and drink water.
  8. The temperature will be 80 in the day and 60 at night. Dress accordingly.
  9. Yes, trip friendships – No, trip love. Be classy and family friendly.
  10. If you get caught breaking a rule, you become my new best trip buddy. We will ride together, we will eat together and we might even ride roller coasters together. Your days with your bus mates, trip pals and significant others are over. Is it worth the cost? Follow rules, please.
  11. Do not order room service or a pizza. They won’t deliver it and you will lose your money.
  12. DO NOT order a pay per view movie (especially educational ones). I will call your mom and tell her exactly what you were watching.
  13. DO NOT, DO NOT open the wonderful looking bottle of water in your room that says, “Drink Me”. It will probably cost you $7.00
  14. Set an alarm immediately or call room service and ask for a wake up call. You have no idea how awkward you will feel when 200 people are on a bus watching you walk up as you make us late for a theme park.
  15. Do not travel alone. Make a friend. It is more fun and safe. If you need a ride buddy, I know lots of major party people who would be glad to let you join their group. Ask me.
  16. When I send you a message, answer me. If you do not reply when requested, I will send people to find you and BINGO, you are my permanent trip buddy.
  17. When we stop or leave, I will always have instructions. Expect me to communicate and listen carefully so you do not make a mistake.
  18. When we get on the bus, be quiet so we can check roll. No bus will move until all are checked. Your talking will steal your theme park time. Is that what you really want to trade for small talk. Silence.
  19. I leave on time. Ask a Senior. Follow my plan. Do not try to write your own. This is my 30th Spring Trip. I know exactly what I am doing and how to make this work. There has to be one leader and many helpers. Both chaperones and students need to know that decisions come from me. Nobody rewrites or gives special permission for anything that does not come through me.


Finally, help is always available. Communicate. Every student will know the exact location of every chaperone, every director and every First Aid station whenever we travel. You will always have a map. Every student will know my room number and 24-hour contact points. Every organization has student officers who have received training to help students. They are there to listen and respond. You are safe. You are well cared for and part of our Brazoswood family. We all work together and help each other. Nobody stands alone. Be positive in your words and actions. Be supportive of our efforts to give you a memory for a lifetime. It is incredibly easy for people to tell others how things should be but much more difficult to actually step up and do the hard work to make things happen. Our staff, officers and you have worked for over a year to bring this trip to this moment. Appreciate the opportunity and respect the efforts that have been made on your behalf. Go BUCS