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Assignment 11

Assignment 11
Last Turn In Date: February 25, 2016

Complete the assignment below by "CLICKING" on the possible answers.
Be sure to read each question carefully.

There are three skills in these exercises:
Musical Terms
Key Signatures
Identify lines and spaces.

You will see your score at the end of the exercise.
You may
"RESET" the exercise and begin again as you wish.
You may practice any missed question by clicking the
"PREVIOUS" button.

DO NOT click "SUBMIT" until you are happy with your final score.
Follow these steps:
1. Complete the REQUIRED Registration Information.
2. Look at the exercise below and identify the question being asked.
3. Determine your answer from the offered options.
4. CLICK on the answer you want to choose.
(Letter only or Letter followed by a sharp or flat)
5. See your answer in the provided window.
6. CLICK on the "CHECK" answer button.
7. Observe whether you got the question correct.
8. You may review missed questions by clicking the "PREVIOUS" button. (No Additional Credit Given)
9. Click "NEXT" to advance to the next question.
10. AFTER you complete the final question, you will get a score.
11. Click the "SUBMIT" button if you are happy with your score.
12. Click the "RESET" button to wipe the exercise and begin again.
13. You may not "SUBMIT" until all 41 questions have an answer.
of Right = Wrong = Score = Sound Effects
If picture fails to draw, Right Click on image. Select "Show Picture"


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