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Exam Writing Sample 5

DUE: MARCH 22-23th 

Choir Assignment – Writing Exam #5


In order to help develop our writing skills, we will write throughout the year. While using proper grammar, spelling and format, use the following prompt to construct a paragraph. Remember that a paragraph consists of at least 5 sentences (topic sentence, 3 or 4 supporting sentences, and a summary sentence).

While we are all unique individuals with musical experiences from many sources and cultures, we are also shaped by songs that seem to stand the test of time. For example, elementary songs, fun tunes or even commercials can be almost unforgettable with the lessons they teach or basic emotions they evoke (The Alphabet Song or the Hokey Pokey). Songs can also have a lasting effect if they speak about topics that relate to our daily lives through lyrics, rhythms or melodies. These songs might be considered "timeless" (Lean On Me).


Give an example of a piece of music that is "timeless" and explain why you think it has remained popular. Please describe the musical elements that make the song unforgettable or the universal lesson it teaches.

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